Community Feedback

Barely getting the gunk out of my eyes when I check our camp inbox and get greeted with this:

Dear All,

Thank you for an amazing event (even more so for the live stream). This was my first WordCamp. It was an enormous pleasure to sit in my home on a Caribbean island and watch the engaging presentations.

You did a great job choosing such a diverse group of speakers (my fav was the Agile Development).

Great organization! Incredible presentations! Excellent event!

I’ve now added ‘Become a WordCamp groupie’ to my list of life goals.

Thank you again.


Andre Mendoza
Trinidad & Tobago
West Indies

Allow us to say thank you to Andre for taking the time to watch our event! It’s because of you and other WP enthusiasts in our community and around the world that has made it success.

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2 Responses to Community Feedback

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  2. Jamie says:

    It’s great to hear feedback from another Trinidadian! I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago and I was able to be here for the camp as I’m a San Diego resident. Even cooler however, is that folks from all over the world were able to hang out and check out the great talks!

    The Agile Development talk was also one of my favorites.